ProScience Analytical Services, Inc. provides analytical testing of air, water, soil, sediment, sludge, paint and wipes in support of a diverse group of activities which include ground-water, remediation, investigations, underground storage tank removals, lead and asbestos abatements and monitoring.  ProScience's capabilities include metals analyses, optical asbestos analysis and electron microscopy asbestos analysis. ProScience commits itself firmly to the production of legally defensible data of known quality through the use of analytical methods that are accurate, reliable and complete.  To ensure the production of such data, ProScience utilizes a comprehensive Quality Assurance Program that extends throughout the organization as part of its daily operation.  The methodology employed at ProScience meets or exceeds all agencies' requirements for which the laboratory is certified.  ProScience's Quality Control/Quality Assurance Manual describes the procedures used to ensure the generation of high quality data.